Room Fragrances

The Pomegranate, created by hand in terracotta, is soaked in the essence of the Pomegranate Cologne, which after being strained to eliminate the excess essence, is ready for packaging. The porousness of the terracotta allows the fragrance to be slowly released over time.

The Pot-Pourri of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of its most symbolic products. Production began in the middle of the XVII century. It is a mixture of berries, leaves and petals of flowers typical of the Florentine hills. Until a few years ago the pot-pourri (from the French “rotten vase”) was placed in terracotta pots from Impruneta together with the essences obtained from distilling certain of its ingredients. The wooden cover of the pots was hermetically sealed with chalk and the contents left to steep for months. Today, in order to obtain a more homogeneous product, machinery has been designed that makes it possible to monitor the product guaranteeing a very high quality. It consists of two large barrels which alternate rotating in two directions 24 hours a day. Inside, under conditions of controlled temperature, flowers, leaves and berries are constantly sprinkled with essences through water vapour nebulizers.

The terracotta jars from Impruneta, containing the Officina’s Pot Pourri, remind us of the ancient process of the past, which left the herbs to steep in large terracotta pots. Every jar is sealed by hand with a special braided system.